• + 14,000employees received digital training in 2016
  • 88 %of the group’s permanent employees have healthcare coverage that reflects best practices in their country of residence
  • 1,000,000LinkedIn followers
  • 33 %of Executive Committee members are women


  • 473patents registered in 2016
  • €850MMillion euros invested in Research & Innovation
  • 3,862Research and Innovation employees
  • 1Worldwide centre in France
  • 6Regional hubs (USA, Japan, China, India, Brazil, South Africa)


  • 88Packaging and processes patents filed in 2016
  • 42Factories worldwide
  • 8Distribution channels (1)
  • 15Carbon-neutral industrial sites


  • 164,000hours of volunteer work during the Citizen Day in 2016
  • 82% of new or revamped products have an improved environmental or social profile (2)
  • - 67%of CO2 emissions in absolute value from factories and distribution centres since 2005 (3)
  • 67,533people from underprivileged communities were provided access to work


  • 31.9%of net media spending on digital
  • +32.7%E-commerce sales growth (4)
  • 6.5%Digital share of consolidated sales (4)

Source : 2016 Annual Report, click here to discover the full version online

  • (1) Hair salons ; mass-market ; department stores and perfumeries ; pharmacies, drugstores and medispas ; free-standing stores ; travel retail ; e-commerce ; convenience stores in the New Markets.
    (2) New products, i.e. products for which new formulas have been developed and which are produced for the first time in the group’s plants or products for which packaging was changed/updated in 2016.
    (3) Period 2005-2016. In plants and distribution centres.
    (4) Sales achieved on the brands' own websites and estimated sales achieved by the brands corresponding to sales through retailers' websites (non-audited data).