Get started: Your first steps in the company are the beginnings of your thrilling experience. At L’Oréal we do our utmost to make you feel welcome by giving you a tailor-made induction.

Making you feel welcome and a part of L’Oréal means sharing our culture, expertise and know-how, and giving you the resources you need to express your talent. It’s our way of helping you take on new work challenges and of ensuring that you will feel confident and at ease in joining our company.


Because the people we recruit have a wide variety of personalities, skills and experience, we know that their induction needs to be personalized if they are to be fully and successfully integrated into the company. Our L’Oréal FIT (Follow Up and Integration Track) program is designed especially for new employees and will help you succeed in this new phase of your career.


L’Oréal FIT program gives you 6 training opportunities that enable you to acquire the knowledge and skills you need to progress within the group and construct your career path. Your tailor-made L'Oréal FIT program:
  • Starting with a successful welcome
At L’Oréal, we understand the importance of helping you integrate into our company and your new role by providing a positive and informative welcome. We aim to make your integration as seamless as possible.
  • Experiencing the field and products
To help you discover the heart of L'Oréal, we provide you with a range of opportunities to experience the field and our products (site visits, technical training, field placement, shadowing…).
  • Training and round table discussions
They help you discover the company, meet other new recruits, gain knowledge and expertise, exchange ideas with managers and peers, and create your first network.
  • Personalized meeting program
During your first weeks, you will follow a personalized program to meet your key contacts, gain understanding of our business, the challenges involved and what is expected of you in your new job.
  • On-the-job learning
On-the-job learning is supported by your line management. It helps you develop your expertise through knowledge transmission, and provides you with opportunities to observe and experience different situations.
  • Individual guidance through your mentor and HR support
These are two less formal opportunities for listening, questioning and understanding. Your mentor can provide objective advice on your experience, the learning process and creating a network. Your HR manager will also be supporting you throughout your integration and will share the good moments with you as well as the tough ones.


Each new recruit is obviously helped through this process by their manager who serves as their operational coach, the HR team, and one of their colleagues who serves as their mentor. But as the newcomer, you are likewise a highly involved contributor to your integration and we expect you to take the initiative in this process by showing a genuine desire to learn and make progress.


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