Develop your career: Because a professional career has to be built long term, L’Oréal has constructed a simple but powerful career development process to let you take control of your career.

In a world that’s on the move, you want to move fast, take responsibility, be autonomous, accumulate experience and show what you can do. L’Oréal gives you the resources to evolve. We know that a professional career has to be followed through and built long term and we believe that each of our employees should play an active part in their career path.

We have therefore constructed a simple and efficient career development process based on an annual review of talent which enables us to identify and develop potential. Each person’s role in this process, from the immediate manager to the HR team and the employee him/herself, is clearly defined. What is more, the process is based on the use of simple tools that are shared by the entire group.

We do not think there is only one unique way to develop your career, but three.

  • Experience

Working on a new category or a new brand, experiencing another specialty of the same function, changing of function, training you, working with new channels of distribution, discovering a new market thanks to international mobility, taking part in a transversal project, managing teams: all these experiences are very informative and make you make progress.

  • Education

Acquiring new knowledge and practicing your skills, in a safe environment, is also a way to make progress.

  • Exposure

Interacting with other associates, with different levels and benefiting from their advice and experience is also going to contribute to your development. Finally, you may also experiment the need of a coaching, to help you analyze the best options and reframe your goals and abilities.


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